Thursday, November 28, 2013

Roundup Tracker: Create Issues by Email

There is one thing about and other Roundup issue tracker instances that is not widely known. It is the fact that you can create new issues and update old ones directly from your email client, without visiting web interface at all.

As much as I hate Debian's email-only tracker, I must admit that having email control feature in addition to web interface can save some time, especially if you constantly forget passwords for different trackers like me.

So, to create new issue, just send email to the address that tracker uses to send mail to you. Well-known addresses of Python trackers:

Note that your email needs to be present in tracker database for it to accept your request, so you might need to create your account first.

You can also update existing issues by adding suffixes like [status=closed;resolution=invalid] to the subject field of your replies. I just closed issue19825 to test this method. You can try it too next time you feel uncomfortable about escaping from your mailbox.

This stuff is actually documented in official Roundup docs, but who reads the docs, anyway.

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