Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yet another CVS to SVN transition

Some time ago I've compiled a short comparison of CVS vs SVN. It should not be hard to get the idea from it that SVN is better - easier to understand, easier to setup and to use. While there are many new decentralized systems around like Git, Darcs and Mercurial, SVN still has the best windows working clients that are even able to transparently authenticate against domain proxies. That's why SVN is the most accessible way of getting sources.

Many projects realize that and make switch to SVN to expose their public repositories to a wider audience even if some conservative developers are unwilling to change their habits and tools. Still the convenience that brought by SVN worth the efforts of rewriting tools and moving legacy codebase over to new rails. CVS deserves to be honored a special award in the history of software development, but perspective open source projects realize that evolution never stops and time comes to replace legacy CVS with tools that value developer's time. Here is a list of such projects that made the decision to help with yours:
To migrate from CVS there is cvs2svn tool written in Python hosted on tigris.org that can move CVS repository as big as Mozilla or FreeBSD to SVN or Git.