Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sphinx PDF with rst2pdf

I deliberately omit word LaT*X in my post to avoid missing people who add '-LaT*X' in search queries. Yes, it is possible to generate PDF with Sphinx without LaT*X in cross-platform way. Yes, on Windows too. You will need only rst2pdf. Actually integration with Sphinx is well described in rst2pdf manual (text and PDF), but people find it hard to find this information, so I'll quote checklist here:
  1. install rst2pdf
  2. register rst2pdf in your Sphinx config
    extensions = ['sphinx.ext.autodoc','rst2pdf.pdfbuilder']
  3. run
    sphinx-build -bpdf sourcedir outdir
I hope it was helpful. Actually, check the manual - it has some useful options for and it's more up-to-date.