Friday, January 29, 2010

Working with complex issues

Some issues should be cut into chewable chunks and linked together into a dependency tree. Each chunk should be accompanied by "digestion recipe" that includes tools, skills and necessary ingredients. If the issue is very complicated, the chunks may be split in pieces that take no longer than one day to get the chunk, analyze it and solve. The work on the issue can then be spread over the looong time.

This requires tools. Tools to minimize waste of time on getting all necessary stuff to start work, save work, send it in one day and wait for it to be approved. Learning these tools should also be quick to get the task done.

Life is short, so time savers are critical. Cheatsheet template with already filled address of contacts, repositories etc. can greatly reduce the time to get the thing done. Once template is filled, it is the a cheatsheet that can be commented with new information for this specific task. These comments can then be incorporated back to original template or into a new, for more advanced usage. If making a reusable template is just one hour, and solution for the task is one day - a template one day and the task the other is better.

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